I consider myself a storyteller.  I love diving deep into my subjects to find and reveal their journey!

I’ve always been curious and have had the luxury of sitting across from inspirational people from all walks and means, to find out how they tick, what drives them, how can I, and my audience, relate? What is our take away?

My own journey began at City TV, where for ten years, I had the pleasure of covering the film industry for a weekly series titled MovieTelevision. I racked up the Air Miles visiting with filmmakers all around the globe, from film sets in India and Guyana, to festivals from Sundance to Cannes…

My meanderings and quest for the story made me fast on my feet. Recognizing very quickly what the story elements were and how to best illustrate them was essential in telling them.

Alas, my ambition and natural entrepreneurial skills called and I bade farewell to the Chumgroup to strike out on my own. My production company at the time created high-end corporate messaging for major international corporations including IBM, Hyundai, Maxell and American Express.

But TV production never left my DNA and while I thoroughly enjoyed crafting corporate imagery, I created an opportunity to open some doors at BRAVO, where I succeeded in getting a variety of Arts projects off the ground and on the screen.

Those shows included four seasons of a contemporary dance series titled Freedom, two seasons of my photography series Snapshot, and a film on legendary glam-artist Toller Cranston.

Throughout this run of shows, I both directed and wrote as well as co-produced.

Snapshot is where I picked up camera credits and I have never looked back.

Today I direct/shoot and produce/write, where necessary.

To that end, my recent projects include co-directing/shooting, Jet Age, a 2017 CBC series of Art genre shorts filmed at airports across North America.

History calling…

A Nation Soars is a three film, three-year project that  completed and aired in the fall of 2017. It was an honour for me to share the stories of Canadian Aviators of the first World War. Camera in hand I travelled across Canada and over to France to tell their stories. The trilogy airs on CPAC.

Currently my passion project in production is the Avro Arrow story. Titled Into the Wild Blue, the film, set for release in 2018 follows the search for test models in Lake Ontario, framed by the cult of the legendary aircraft…..60 years after its birth and destruction, the Avro Arrow is being celebrated more than ever.